About & Contact

I have the good luck of making of my passion my every day’s work.

My name is Eva Morales and I am a professional 2D artist, Illustrator, Concept Designer & Character Designer.
Working in the children’s publishing industry, TV and film production since 2008. I’ve worked on TV series, shorts, Films, advertising… including 6 years as a freelance 2D artist and illustrator. I can demonstrate skills on digital painting for entertainment industry and advertising.

My clients always say that I am very fast and professional. The fact that I use very different techniques and styles (traditional ones and also digital) makes me a very versatile artist. I consider myself to be a very creative and imaginative person, with great ability to solve problems and make decisions.


– Digital and Traditional Illustration
– Vector Illustration
– Character Design
– Concept Artist
– Storyboarding
– Sketching
– Graphic Design (advertising, Logo Design, Catalog Layout …)

My tools:

A sketchbook and pencil, my Wacom Cintiq Tablet and 2D digital software.


Rainstorm Publishing,  Oxford University Press, Scholasc UK, Harper Collins, Capstone Global Library, Pearson Educación SA, Onirikal Studio VFX, etc…


Questions, comments or enquiries: info@evamh.com

Or you can contact with my agent: logoAdvocate