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I have the good luck of making of my passion my every day’s work.

My name is Eva Morales and I am a professional 2D artist, Illustrator, Concept Designer & Character Designer.
Working in the children’s publishing industry, TV and film production since 2008. I’ve worked on TV series, shorts, Films, advertising… including 6 years as a freelance 2D artist and illustrator. I can demonstrate skills on digital painting for entertainment industry and advertising.

My clients always say that I am very fast and professional. The fact that I use very different techniques and styles (traditional ones and also digital) makes me a very versatile artist. I consider myself to be a very creative and imaginative person, with great ability to solve problems and make decisions.


– Digital and Traditional Illustration
– Vector Illustration
– Character Design
– Concept Artist
– Storyboarding
– Sketching
– Graphic Design (advertising, Logo Design, Catalog Layout …)

My tools:

A sketchbook and pencil, my Wacom Cintiq 22HD Tablet and 2D digital software.


Macmillan Publishers, Oxford University Press, Rainstorm Publishing,  Scholastic UK , Harper Collins, Capstone Global Library, Pearson Educación SA, Onirikal Studio VFX, etc…


Questions, comments or enquiries: info@evamh.com

Or you can contact with my agent: logoAdvocate